About us

MIG PL is a leading company on the Polish market which is recruiting and employing the specialized employees from Ukraine. As one of the few companies we are certified by the job centre in Ukraine. We have a thriving branch and the best recruitment team in Lviv. In the coming year, we plan to open another branch in Ukraine which will provide us with even more access to qualified staff.

Undoubtedly, what distinguishes us is an individual approach to every client, accuracy and professionalism. We will provide you with the best team of highly qualified employees that meet your expectations.

Over 10 years of experience has allowed us to develop various solutions tailored to the client’s needs. The process of employing our employees is based on the use of the best recruitment methods. All potential candidates are carefully verified. They are responsible and worth recommending. We focus on specialized employees with professional experience who are motivated to work and demonstrate willingness and commitment. The highly qualified personnel is the basis of the effective operation of each company, and thus translates into the company’s success and the competitiveness on the market.

We provide services to clients in Poland and Europe, sending employees with various professions. We operate in the welding, installation of electrical systems and erection of the steel structures industry. We acquire specialists to operate CNC machines, locksmiths, warehousemen, logisticians and quality controllers. Our outsourcing services are used by both smaller enterprises and international corporations.

The outsourced subcontractor and temporary work outsourcing model adopted by us allows us to effectively perform some of the production and manufacturing tasks that are most often carried out at the plant, thanks to which our client gains more control.

Why us?

Competitive prices

We offer the best price offer on the market, we are flexible and treat each Client individually, trying to meet their requirements by providing reliable professionals.

Process outsourcing

We select and hire the best specialists performing production or manufacturing tasks, usually directly at the Client’s plant, which gives a greater opportunity to control the services provided.

The best specialists

Detailed analysis of candidates and excellent knowledge of the Ukrainian labor market guarantees the employment of the best staff, thus reducing the employee turnover in Polish enterprises, increasing work efficiency and ensuring production stability.