Warehouse service

The TSL industry covers a wide range of activities, and its dynamic development also sets the new challenges related to providing specialists for the implementation of tasks. We mainly supply warehouse workers operating forklifts and repacking goods as part of the services that we offer. Our specialists have experience of working in logistics and courier companies, reloading terminals as well as in the food and industrial warehouses.



Welding services are the area where we have vast experience and we see its potential. It is the type of subcontracting services which we provide that enjoys the greatest success.

We have many welding specialists ready to undertake work anywhere in Poland. Each welders seconded by us have the requisite qualifications, which are carefully verified. First of all, employees must undergo a welding tests. The first test is conducted by us and the second is performed by the Client. This is a solution that gives assurance to us and our Clients that the delegated tasks will be performed professionally and in accordance with the requirements of production processes.

Methods in which we specialize: 111, 131, 135, 136, 137, 141

Connectors: P and T

Welds: BW and FW

Welding positions: PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PH, PG, PJ


Assembly of metal structures

Customers for whom we provide welding services often decide to extend cooperation to the assembly of steel structures. Our fitters have qualifications that allow them to carry out their tasks freely and independently. We focus our attention on the verification of engineering drawings reading and knowledge of the industry and technologies used in it during the recruitment process.

We dedicate assembly services to all companies that manufacture constructions:

  • for the industrial construction sector (industrial and warehouse halls, sports facilities),
  • constituting elements of large industrial machines (paper, metallurgy and shipbuilding industry),
  • intended for the offshore sector.

We are also open to other sectors of the economy.


Electrical assembly

The electrical industry or electric installation sector are areas in which staff shortages resulting from the emigration of the highly qualified specialists are particularly apparent.

Years of experience and a wide contact base have allowed us to build a team of the best electricians who, if necessary, we employ and delegate to carry out tasks with our clients. We provide services to companies from the following sectors: electrical installations in construction and electric installation and subassemblies in machines, devices and vehicles.


CNC support

Better products manufactured in a shorter time are the goal of every production company. Huge competition means that companies strive to obtain more favorable technical and economic results and modify existing production solutions. The increase in machining efficiency while meeting the requirements for dimension and shape precision and surface quality is possible only through the technological development of machine tools, development of control systems, as well as specialized employees that we can offer you. We provide experienced and highly qualified specialists in the field of operation and programming of CNC machines, i.e. milling machines, lathes, injection molding machines, plotters and many others.