The dynamics of economic processes, the evolution of global trends or changes in the attitude and awareness of employees, make the Polish labor market undergo many changes. We can see a growing shortage of manpower but also interest in employees specialized in specific industries. The answer to the growing demand for professionals is employing people from beyond the Eastern Border, who undertake work in Polish companies with determination and commitment.

Entrepreneurs often struggle with employee turnover, which can significantly destabilize the company’s organizational structure, adversely affect the atmosphere among coworkers and cause general anxiety. Acquiring an employee whose qualifications will correspond to the specificity of a given position, as well as the expectations of the employer, is not an easy task. Recruitment process requires a lot of time and precision and is not always accurate. Therefore, it is worth using outsourcing services and leaving it to the professionals such as MIG PL.

We are a company that comprehensively deals with the recruitment of employees from Ukraine. We carry out the outsourced tasks delegated to us in a reliable manner, acquiring the most experienced and desirable team of specialists and taking care of customers’ satisfaction with the services provided to them.


What do our clients gain?
  • – we provide highly qualified staff of the best professionals, verifying their knowledge and competences
  • – our employees are the experienced staff, thanks to which the process of their implementation is definitely shorter and less expensive
  • – we recommend only reliable, trustworthy and responsible employees, thus reducing the phenomenon of the staff turnover
  • – we strive to ensure continuity and optimization of the production processes
  • – recruitment of employees from Ukraine based on the mandate contract eliminates costs related to overtime, holidays, illness or State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People
  • – increasing the employment of Ukrainian personnel has a positive impact on the motivation of Polish employees
  • – employees from Ukraine are extremely determined, committed and ready to work in a dimension extending beyond the daily, weekly or monthly norms of time
  • – we deal with all administrative and legal issues related to the employment of a foreigner


We are a professional and reliable partner offering subcontracting services carried out by the best team of specialists from Ukraine. Check us out and see for yourself!

You are welcome to contact us, look through our offer and use our services!